• New Features and Improvements:
    • Cyborg V2 support;
    • The update window now shows update progress in percentages;
    • The software now works better with reWASD 7.3.0;
    • Logging has been improved by adding more detailed information about errors and crashes;
    • A global analog angle setter has been added for Teensy devices (sets an angle for every profile separately - an alternative for global angle feature, that is available for other devices);
    • X and Y axis preview has been added in the analog calibration adjustment settings;
    • A popup window has been added for displaying copied profile strings;
    • The OBM profile copying process has been improved for better performance.
  • Fixed Issues:
    • Sleep and wake-up reconnecting issues resulting in errors have been fixed;
    • The default linked profile was disappearing after any software profile deletion;
    • While the key binding window was open, switching profiles with the profile switch button was - causing the software to crash;
    • The multi-device firmware update window was disappearing while switching the active device;
    • Fixed throttle message bug, where settings were not saved in some cases;
    • Analog settings sometimes would not save during backup profile creation;
    • Mouse scroll button bind was causing a delay in short key execution.


  • Improved analog calibration offset calculation;
  • Resolved minor UI issue in the profile list.


  • Fixed Cyro on-board memory binding issue.


  • New Features:
    • The first community-voted feature is here! Try automatic software profile switching now;
    • Added default linked profile for automatic software profile switching;
    • Reworked analog joystick logic;
    • Analog joystick calibration now works with restrictor rings;
    • Added Windows system tray icon with additional functionality;
    • Software profiles now include a context menu;
    • Profile list size can now be adjusted;
    • Single profile export/import tool;
    • Added a button for turning off analog stick logging (off by default);
    • 3 new themes;
    • Mouse scroll wheel functionality for analog stick;
    • Analog throttle;
    • Added global angle settings for the thumbstick;
    • Added thumbstick deadzone representation.
  • Cyro specific features:
    • 6 profiles;
    • RGB lights;
    • 8 Directional thumbstick cones;
    • Added joystick as a mouse functionality.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed sleep issues where the device was not waking up correctly;
    • Fixed an issue where the macro would not release keys after the button was released;
    • Fixed an issue where clear button did not reset long, double button types;
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes software buttons with hold and other types weren't working;
    • Fixed throttle message bug, where settings were not saved in some cases;
    • Fixed in issue were Cyro scroll wheel was not working in Software mode.


  • Resolved a USB descriptor error that was causing Windows boot issues.


  • Macros:
    • UI is much better now;
    • Added ability to copy macros between buttons;
    • Support for XInput and DirectInput buttons.
  • UI/UX:
    • Macro UI us much better now (yeah, it kind of fits under both sections, to make the patch notes look longer);
    • Better DPI scaling (hopefully) for bigger screens;
    • Keybind font and button size scaling settings;
    • Software profile drag-and-drop ordering.


  • Moved key binding to a popup. This is the way, we have spoken;
  • Added a 'start with Windows' option;
  • Added helpful tooltips. See if you can find them all! For no reason. There is no prize;
  • Resolved scaling issues;
  • Resolved an issue where the analog stick sometimes stopped working when layering profiles.


  • Added Xbox 360 & Keyboard analog type, specifically requested by users who were experiencing issues where sidestep and driving wasn't working in specific cases;
  • Fixed the reWASD issue that caused the analog stick to get stuck;
  • Improved the logic for device firmware updates by adding additional device type checks, enhancing the update process to address previous failures.


  • Improved import and export behavior for profiles within the software. No more cheeky business with import empty profiles or exporting when you have no profiles;
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbstick was not resetting properly when users were switching between different thumbstick modes or profiles;
  • Resolved an issue where read-only mode messages were still appearing even after firmware update;
  • Fixed an issue with long and double press delay limits that were affecting the activation of layering and macros;
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox buttons were not working correctly in some games.


  • Improved corrupt hardware profile handling, in case you find an old keypad in a drawer somewhere;
  • Cyro global sensor settings are now saved after restart;
  • If your firmware does not match the requirements for the current software version, the software will launch in read-only mode, until you update the firmware to the supported latest version. This will help to avoid profile corruption. Don't worry - once you update, all profiles will still be there and working. If not, let us know.


  • Improved console support. Games that support keyboard & mouse on consoles, should work with Azeron. Works only if mouse & keyboard buttons are bound to the On-board profile;
  • Fixed edge cases where profile import would not work correctly. But work continues. More edges, more cases;
  • Fixed an issue where the analog stick was not returning to its starting position in the UI;
  • Improved compatibility with reWASD 6.5.1.;
  • Fixed an issue where Cyro LED settings were not saved after a restart.


  • Azeron Cyro Lefty support.


  • Fixed keypad joystick OBM copy enabling other trigger types.


  • Azeron Cyro support;
  • Press once to hold the bind, press again, to release it;
  • Input sequence - trigger different keyboard binds on each button press, cyclically (software profiles only);
  • Fixed edges cases when the analog stick wouldn't work;
  • Fixed edge cases when profile transfer would fail;
  • And more! Minor ones. The ones developers log as "minor fix";
  • Smoother mouse scroll wheel when bound to buttons;
  • Better default focus behavior, for faster binding;
  • Other misc improvements. See if you can spot them. If you can't, that's good too! It means we took away some stuff that was just getting away.


  • Fixed an issue where some button binds were not working correctly in software mode;
  • Fixed Cyro de-acceleration behavior.


  • Fixed an issue where macro & joystick were not working simultaneously.


  • One at a time multi device support;
  • Improved device performance;
  • Improved device connection times;
  • Fixed an issue where software button was not releasing correctly;
  • Fixed an issue with software profile joystick button.


  • Sticky profile search bar when profiles are scrollable;
  • Added undo button for settings image change;
  • Fixed software performance issues with large amounts of profiles;
  • Fixed update available pop-up;
  • Fixed some issues when importing profiles from the old software;
  • Fixed crash report issues after system shutdown.


  • Improved device connection times;
  • Hardware profiles backed up as software profiles before firmware updates;
  • Added software profile search;
  • Added option to hide button numbering;
  • Changed default macro timeout;
  • Fixed OBM copy overwriting software profile binds;
  • Fixed confirmation pop-up outer click bug;
  • Fixed current mouse bind not showing in binding tab;
  • Fixed some issues when importing profiles from the old software.


  • Fixed lefty layout setting reset after reload;
  • Fixed Classic keypad reWASD compatibility.


  • Fixed keyboard bind focus absence on first button select;
  • Fixed Classic/Compact second profile 5-way button not working;
  • Fixed Win key combo bind sequence.


  • Longpress and Double click button trigger types added. You can now do more with one button;
  • New, fresh UI/UX;
  • Automatic Software and Firmware updates.


  • Added option to choose button throttle type;
  • Small text changes.


  • Improved button throttling;
  • Added minimum size for software window;
  • Removed Analog stick modes: Keyboard (Fortnite), Xbox 360 stick & Keyboard. Modes are still available if the user was previously using them;
  • Minor quality of life improvements;
  • Small text changes.


  • Added an option to test/set analog stick settings under "Edit analog stick";
  • Added an option to change the angle in all software profiles under the settings tab;
  • Added Drag & Drop button swapping;
  • Added cancel button for updates;
  • Fixed that Joystick buttons now work in the software mode;
  • Ensured that current active profile is now being set/read within settings.json file;
  • Implemented that buttons enlarge when keys are pressed down or are being hovered;
  • Added number input option for angle setter;
  • Added confirmation alerts for calibration reset, profile deletion;
  • Removed custom label from disabled buttons;
  • Added button hover states in the Settings;
  • Added settings button within each profile;
  • Fixed macro bug, when "SPACE" key did not show up;
  • Fixed Cyborg firmware 90 degree offset;
  • Fixed Cyborg default profile firmware;
  • Applied small syntax mistake fixes;
  • Updated logo/icon;
  • Other minor fixes provided by the community;
  • Changed default button throttle value to 10.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the software to get stuck on a white/black screen. (Thanks Spheal!);
  • Added custom button labeling. You can now label a button 'Jump', for example;
  • Reworked a lot of internals in firmware to cause less USB traffic when software is open;
  • Reworked a lot of internals to provide more stability and less latency in general;
  • Updated analog stick calibration to be more accurate in certain situations;
  • reWASD will not work by default, but must be enabled in settings;
  • Added a separate setting that enables reWASD support.


  • Macros can be set to be repeated while the key is held down
  • Fixed a bug that prevented multiple mouse buttons being pressed in parallel
  • Fixed XInput buttons not working in software mode
  • Added "Show Advanced Settings" mode, to make the UI less cluttered for most users
  • Added "Keyboard (Fortnite)" analog stick mode (advanced setting), that allows 90 degree camera view in Fortnite
  • Fixed software profiles switching back to a favorite profile, when clicking on any other software profile
  • Added layer support in two modes. One of which should work similar to the Belkin Nostromo 52
  • Added "Save Report" button to version information, that helps export useful data to provide to support personnel
  • Minor quality of life improvements


  • Dark mode!
  • Unbind keys via right click!
  • "Unbind all" button
  • Stability improvements
  • More sensible defaults
  • More error handling
  • Prompt to recalibrate analog stick on firmware update
  • Replaced USB detection library


  • You can trigger up to 14 keyboard keys at once.
  • Fixed infinite firmware update loop.


  • Stability improvements.


  • Stability improvements.
  • The software now remembers window position and size.


  • Keypad now exits software mode when software is closed.


  • Stability improvements.


  • Fixed DirectInput analog stick not working.


  • Added XInput support.
  • Xbox controller support is built in. Emulation software no longer is needed.
  • Fixed a crash when the computer wakes from sleep.


  • Added an option to use the analog stick in keyboard mode and analog mode at the same time.
  • Added an option to clear keys on analog stick in keyboard or combined mode.
  • Fixed analog stick overflow into other side issues.


  • Fixed a crash that happened when copying a software profile to hardware.


  • Added better automatic analog joystick hardware calibration.
  • Added ability to manually adjust and reset analog joystick hardware calibration.
  • Switched analog joystick visuals to circle, instead of a square.
  • Added mouse click option in macros.


  • Note: You will need to use 'Calibrate Analog Joystick Hardware' button once, to make sure your analog stick works correctly.
  • Just click it, and follow instructions. This will set hardware wide deadzones.
  • Then adjust deadzones to 0 - 512 in your profiles
  • Adjust to other numbers, if you want the stick to feel different.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when updating firmware profile switch button pressed.
  • Fixed analog stick in joystick mode related bugs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused key combos in single key to not work correctly.


  • Analog joystick in keyboard mode fixes.


  • IMPORTANT: Updating firmware will reset on board memory.
  • Added analog joystick hardware calibration.


  • Fixed analog joystick bug when changing keys in keyboard mode.


  • Fixed a bug in lower deadzone calibration.
  • Added option to choose firmware on update.


  • Fixed not being able to update firmware from older versions.


  • Made the force update button be always available.
  • Made hardware reset more thorough.


  • Fixed two buttons being in the wrong place.
  • Set old analog stick type as default.


  • Set new analog stick type as default.


  • Added option to change analog coordinate type for newer analog sticks.


  • Made joystick calibration work better.


  • Fixed a crash when switching joystick from analog stick to keyboard mode.
  • Added deadzone calibration tool.
  • Fixed some memory leaks in firmware.


  • Fixed a freeze when installing XIM firmware while on software profile.


  • Added holding time for macros.


  • Fixed issues with macro delays.
  • Change some defaults.


  • Added basic macro support.
  • Creating a new software profile now copies the open profile.
  • Fixed getting stuck in XIM optimized firmware, if firmware was installed while second profile was active.


  • Added XIM optimized firmware.


  • Fixed issues with analog stick in keyboard mode freaking out from time to time.


  • Enabled deadzone support for analog stick in keyboard mode.


  • Removed software profile reset.


  • Added hard reset button to delete software and hardware profiles.


  • Added mouse button support.
  • Made profiles copy/to from hardware, instead of switching places.


  • Added import/export profiles functionality.


  • Fixed analog joystick on keyboard mode being inverted sometimes.


  • Removed debug info.


  • Added debug information.


  • Added button throttling to fix ghost double presses.


  • Added upper deadzone setting.


  • Fixed a hang which occurred when swapping profiles while using software profiles.
  • Fixed profile names not changing when swapping profiles.


  • Added ability to load swap hardware and software profiles.


  • Updated button placement.


  • Fixed not being able to add meta keys on analog joystick in keyboard mode.
  • Fixed
  • Fixed minor UI issues.


  • Finished work on switching left/right joystick in keyboard mode.
  • Added missing buttons in UI.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.


  • Added joystick rotation slider for -180 and 180 degrees.
  • Added LED brightness controls.
  • Added left handed controller UI.
  • Started work on switching left/right joystick in keyboard mode.


  • Added button type to switch between left/right joysticks.


  • Fixed software profile bugs.
  • Updated deadzone and sensitivity UI.


  • Updated firmware.
  • Added D-Pad support.


  • Updated firmware.


  • Reworked profiles again.


  • Changed how profiles work.
  • Made it possible to set 3 button combo for joystick in keyboard mode.


  • Updated firmware with joystick control improvements.


  • Fix for software profile key repeats? Really!


  • Fix for software profile key repeats?


  • Updated firmware.
  • Fix for software profile key repeats.


  • Updated firmware.
  • Fixed keyboard buttons in hardware profile not working.
  • Fix for software profile key repeats.


  • Updated firmware.


  • Added LED support.
  • Added software profiles.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added 'No action' option for buttons.
  • Added ability to change analog joystick deadzone and sensitivity.


  • Added keypad firmware updates.