Azeron Software 
v1.2.5 BETA

Current features

  • Full 360 analog joystick
  • Adjustable thumbstick angle
  • No scripts or controller emulation, therefore it will work with all games
  • Multidevice support
  • Any number of software profiles
  • Works as joystick, as keyboard or as hybrid (direct input)
  • 2 profiles can be saved on the onboard memory
  • Adjustable thumbstick deadzone and sensitivity
  • Analog stick or Keyboard button mode for thumbstick
  • Single, Long and Double press keybind options
  • UI support for the lefties controller
  • Switch between 4 analog stick setups on the fly
  • Key combination support
  • Basic Macro support
  • Thumbstick calibration tool
  • Import/export profiles
  • Layering
  • reWASD support

Latest release notes v1.2.5

  • IMPORTANT: Back up your on-board and software profiles before switching to the Azeron Software v1;
  • IMPORTANT: Hardware profiles will be reset with the switch to the Azeron Software v1;
  • Improved import and export behavior for profiles within the software. No more cheeky business with import empty profiles or exporting when you have no profiles;
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbstick was not resetting properly when users were switching between different thumbstick modes or profiles;
  • Resolved an issue where read-only mode messages were still appearing even after firmware update;
  • Fixed an issue with long and double press delay limits that were affecting the activation of layering and macros;
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox buttons were not working correctly in some games.


  • Improved corrupt hardware profile handling, in case you find an old keypad in a drawer somewhere;
  • Cyro global sensor settings are now saved after restart;
  • If your firmware does not match the requirements for the current software version, the software will launch in read-only mode, until you update the firmware to the supported latest version. This will help to avoid profile corruption. Don't worry - once you update, all profiles will still be there and working. If not, let us know.


  • Improved console support. Games that support keyboard & mouse on consoles, should work with Azeron. Works only if mouse & keyboard buttons are bound to the On-board profile;
  • Fixed edge cases where profile import would not work correctly. But work continues. More edges, more cases;
  • Fixed an issue where the analog stick was not returning to its starting position in the UI;
  • Improved compatibility with reWASD 6.5.1.;
  • Fixed an issue where Cyro LED settings were not saved after a restart.


  • Azeron Cyro Lefty support.


  • Fixed keypad joystick OBM copy enabling other trigger types.


  • Azeron Cyro support;
  • Press once to hold the bind, press again, to release it;
  • Input sequence - trigger different keyboard binds on each button press, cyclically (software profiles only);
  • Fixed edges cases when the analog stick wouldn't work;
  • Fixed edge cases when profile transfer would fail;
  • And more! Minor ones. The ones developers log as "minor fix";
  • Smoother mouse scroll wheel when bound to buttons;
  • Better default focus behavior, for faster binding;
  • Other misc improvements. See if you can spot them. If you can't, that's good too! It means we took away some stuff that was just getting away.


In a future update, we will be removing the ability to use the 5-way d-pad as a 9-way d-pad. Diagonals will no longer trigger both binds on the d-pad. The diagonal use has caused issues for the d-pad, as the 5-way d-pad getting used in 9-ways isn't healthy for the d-pad. D-pad, d-pad, d-pad.

Full patch note history can be viewed here: Update History.


The software works only on Windows systems. Linux and Mac is not supported at this time

To make sure the software installs properly, please pause or stop your antivirus before installation,

Some virus scanners complain about installer. This is because the software is in the very early stages. You can test the installer using VirusTotal to be sure it is safe.

Latest Firmware

NOTE: Only applies to Teensy (green) boards. In case you are not sure what board is used for your device please contact our customer support.

Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v77          Classic/Compact Firmware v77


NOTE: Listed firmware only applies to Teensy (green) boards. In case you are not sure what board is used for your device please contact our customer support.

Software v1.2.4              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v76          Classic/Compact Firmware v76

Software v1.2.3

Software v1.2.2              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v75          Classic/Compact Firmware v75

Software v1.2.1              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v74          Classic/Compact Firmware v74

Software v1.2.0             

Software v1.1.2              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v73          Classic/Compact Firmware v73

Software v1.1.1              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v72          Classic/Compact Firmware v72

Software v1.1.0              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v71          Classic/Compact Firmware v71

Software v1.0.4              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v70          Classic/Compact Firmware v70

Software v1.0.3

Software v1.0.2

Software v1.0.1

Software v1.0.0              Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v69          Classic/Compact Firmware v69

Software v0.23.2          Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v60          Classic/Compact Firmware v60

Software v0.23.1          Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v59          Classic/Compact Firmware v59

Software v0.23.0          Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v58          Classic/Compact Firmware v58

Software v0.22.0          Cyborg/Cyborg Compact Firmware v57          Classic/Compact Firmware v57

Software v0.21.0          Firmware v56

Software v0.20.1          Firmware v54

Software v0.19.0          Firmware v52

Software v0.18.5          Firmware v51

Software v0.18.4          Firmware v50

Software v0.18.1          Firmware v47

Software v0.17.0          Firmware v45         

Software v0.16.0          Firmware v43

Software v0.15.2          Firmware v42

Software v0.14.6         

Software v0.14.4          Firmware v38

Software v0.9.3            Firmware v28
Software v0.6.3            Firmware v24

Software v0.3.3            Firmware v17

Software v0.1.17            Firmwave v13

Serial Driver Serial driver might be needed for Windows to recognize the keypad.