Azeron Software 

Current features

  • Full 360 analog joystick
  • Adjustable thumbstick angle
  • No scripts or controller emulation, therefore it will work with all games
  • Multidevice support
  • Any number of software profiles
  • Works as joystick, as keyboard or as hybrid (direct input)
  • 2 profiles can be saved on the onboard memory
  • Adjustable thumbstick deadzone and sensitivity
  • Analog stick or Keyboard button mode for thumbstick
  • Single, Long and Double press keybind options
  • UI support for the lefties controller
  • Switch between 4 analog stick setups on the fly
  • Key combination support
  • Basic Macro support
  • Thumbstick calibration tool
  • Import/export profiles
  • Layering
  • reWASD support

Latest release notes v1.4.1

  • IMPORTANT: Back up your on-board and software profiles before switching to the Azeron Software v1;
  • IMPORTANT: Hardware profiles will be reset with the switch to the Azeron Software v1;
  • Resolved a USB descriptor error that was causing Windows boot issues.


  • Macros:
    • UI is much better now;
    • Added ability to copy macros between buttons;
    • Support for XInput and DirectInput buttons.
  • UI/UX:
    • Macro UI us much better now (yeah, it kind of fits under both sections, to make the patch notes look longer);
    • Better DPI scaling (hopefully) for bigger screens;
    • Keybind font and button size scaling settings;
    • Software profile drag-and-drop ordering.

Full patch note history can be viewed here: Update History.


The software works only on Windows systems. Linux and Mac is not supported at this time.

To make sure the software installs properly, please pause or stop your antivirus before installation.

Some virus scanners complain about installer. This is because the software is in the very early stages. You can test the installer using VirusTotal to be sure it is safe.

Manual firmware installation

NOTE: If you are unsure which type of board you have installed, unscrew the 3 deep recessed screws underneath the Azeron to remove the palm rest and look at the PCB board color.

Green board

Download Teensy app

Black board

Download STM32 app

Older Software versions

Software v1.4.0             

Software v1.3.0             

Software v1.2.6             

Software v1.2.5             


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